I’ve Been Framed offers an extensive range of mouldings (frames) to choose from. Simple, yet elegant, flat profile mouldings in a range of sizes and colours

Whitewash timbers which come in a number of different sizes and profiles or a good selection of ornate mouldings to choose from subtle ornate, through to deep ornate frames in a range of styles, widths and colours

A popular choice of frames is those with a veneered finish. Again, these are available in a range of sizes and colours

We also have a wide selection of rustic timbers, varying in colours, profiles and sizes. Most are ‘stressed’ in manufacturing but I’ve Been Framed also has naturally rustic timbers to choose from. Some can be slightly distressed, while others may have chunks out of them.

Canvas stretching (canvas stretched over the timber- stretcher bar) Add a touch of class with a floating frame available in a range of colours and sizes to suit.

Block- mounting is available through I’ve Been Framed. For something you want displayed but want to keep the cost down, block- mounting is a good option.
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I’ve Been Framed uses quality timber mouldings, not synthetics.