Tru Vue Glass

We offer you the choice of: Standard Clear Glass, Tru Vue, UV Clear Glass, Reflection Control Glass. Reflection Control with UV, Ultra vue and Museum. Combines the benefits of anti- glare, plus the protection of guarding against 99% of damaging UV rays

Tru Vue

High quality glass manufactured in the U.S.A.

Reflection Control Glass

We only use glass coated on 1 side to allow for greater clarity of artwork/item

UV Clear Glass

blocking 99% of damaging UV rays. In effect, a sunscreen for your framed artwork/item

I’VE BEEN FRAMED also offers:

AR Reflection Free Glass - Allows greater clarity due to significantly reduced glare.

Museum Glass - Offers greater clarity due to significantly reduced glare with 99% UV blocking benefits.

Acrylic is also available on request.

We are happy to offer you advice on which type of glass will benefit your artwork/item most.


I’VE BEEN FRAMED is happy to offer you advice for all your framing requirements. From the profile, size/colour of the moulding (frame), the type and colour selection of matboards and the glass best suited for your artwork/item to be framed.

Conservation quality framing maybe a factor to consider and we will be happy to discuss and advise this with you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask. REMEMBER ADVICE is FREE.